The Jester’s Tale

Spinning lights that dance upon a stage
A wild-eyed hero stands before the world
The crowd are sighing crocodile tears
As they await the Jester’s sorry tale

He’s dancing in the entrance hall
And singing blues to the stalls
A tear in his eye he spreads his arms
Bows down low and cries “Goodbye”

The curtains fall for us to leave
We see the lights begin to fade
And in the street so far below
The Jester cries in his Ferrari

Neon lights go whirling crazy past
His car becomes a bright red blast
The streets are flying the tyres burning
And then he cries “I just can’t carry on”

From dancing in the entrance hall
And singing blues to the stalls
Pain’s filled his head its killed his will
Twisted him so he’s a broken wreck

Then up ahead he sees the warning
But carries on with no regard
Until he hits the darkened road-end
And his car explodes in a bloody flash

But a ghost still dances in the entrance hall
And singing blues echo through the empty stalls
Far out in the night his spirit is crying
Stranded in the silver air another lost soul dying

He is gone
The Jester is gone
He is gone
But still we love him

© Alex Matheson 1983


Another favourite and yes, this one is a bit of an epic which owes it’s existence to my prog rock roots. It was written way back in 1983 and I’ve recorded it several times, this being the clearest and best performance (from 1987). I cleaned it up a bit and then added various sound effects to give it a bit more life. All of the sound effects used were obtained from The Freesound Project and here are the attributions for them:

 So thanks to all these guys, without whom…