Beauty And The Beast

This girl is really something
She lights up the room
And as she breezes in
You can’t help but turn
Turn and look her way
And when she smiles you just don’t know what to say

She’s the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen
The original Beauty
The most beautiful girl there’s ever been
She’s the orignal Beauty

They say her guy’s a zero
But he stands out in a crowd
And as he saunters in
You can’t help but think
Think he’s got some kind of power
But it’s something as dark as the midnight hour

He’s the moodiest guy you’ve ever seen
With more than a touch of the Beast
The moodiest guy there’s ever been
He’s got more than a touch of the Beast

And you can’t help but wonder what she sees
It’s a classic case of the Beauty and the Beast

© Alex Matheson 1987


This was written and recorded in 1987. The original recording is much longer but I cut at least a minute of aimless riffing off at either end to produce the version presented here. As recordings go, it’s a bit rougher then the others and it starts rather abruptly (because of the edits) but I like the lyrics and that is why I decided to post the song.