On-line Trading

If you have a PC with bags of hard disk space and a broadband internet connection then on-line trading is the easiest way to start a collection and that’s how I got my collection going. I did already have a few tapes, vinyl discs and CDs which were picked up years ago at record fairs but those have now been supplanted by the digital stuff.

To get started in on-line trading you also need a BitTorrent client (such as uTorrent) and then you need to join one of the on-line trading communities such as Dime or The Traders’ Den. You can also join a Direct Connect hub such as The International Echoes Hub and share using a DC client (such as DC++).

Whichever sites you subscribe to, you then just follow their rules and guidance regarding the download and sharing of material. They all have good FAQs and help pages (certainly better than any I could write) and these will help you to get going.

Once you do get started be sure to try and maintain a high share ratio – higher than 1.0 is preferred.