Off-line Trading

Off-line trading is not so popular as it once was because of the ease of on-line trading but it’s still a great way of building a collection.

To participate, you can join a trading mailing list or search for trading lists posted on-line by other traders. If you see a recording you are interested in then you can ask it’s owner to trade a copy of his/her recording for one that you own. You then exchange copies of your recordings by post.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any recordings to trade. Established traders will often give you a copy of a show if you agree to send them blank media to copy the show onto and provide a self-addressed return envelope with the appropriate postage attached. After all it is an open, friendly community and trader’s believe in making live recordings available to all – with the understanding that if you like an artist enough to get a live recording you’ll do the decent thing and support the artist by buying their official product too.

To date I’ve completed just a handful of off-line trades, have had no problems and have gained some excellent recordings as a result. So this is a good option to consider if you don’t have access to broadband interweb, for example.

If you’re looking to get started or to extend your collection then have a look at My Trading List and see if anything grabs your attention.