Music Trading

I’ve been collecting and trading live recordings on-line (and occasionally off-line) for a few years now. As there can be a lot involved in doing this, it seemed like a good idea to gather what I have learned and make it available for the benefit of anyone else who may be looking to collect a live performance or two. After all, whilst it is nice to have lots of polished studio recordings to listen to, there is nothing quite like the atmosphere and spontaneity of a live performance!

So I’ll point you in the direction of some of the places where you can find live recordings and tell you about the software you can use to listen to, manage, and burn your live recordings to CD. I’ll also try and give some pointers as to trading etiquette and rules, as well as posting a list of the recordings that I have collected (and would be happy to trade).

So check out my Rough Guide to the ins and outs of music trading, i.e. trading in live recordings produced by fans for fans only and never sold or converted to a lossy file format.

Then read Trading Places to find out how I got back into collecting live recordings and discover where you can get recordings of your own. Peruse a list of the recordings I’ve collected.

Finally, if I ever get my act together and prepare it, you can check out a list of the recordings I’ve collected over the years.