Fish: Live In Stornoway

Last night [30/08/2011] I was watching the Fish perform acoustically at An Lanntair in Stornoway.

I enjoyed this immensely.

Which is not quite all…

FishSY300He was accompanied on piano by the very nimbly-fingered Foss Paterson and on guitar by the equally dextrous Frank Usher (visit his own site here). In combination they made a very impressive musical trio. Fish was in good voice and indulged in his trademark witty banter between songs – the guy really has stage presence in abundance.

Sadly the crowd was lacking in number though they were quite enthusiastic and, in some cases more than a little pissed. I thought everyone entered into the spirit of the occasion – even if we didn’t all respond to Fish’s request that we move forward to fill up the empty spaces at the front.

The sound was pretty good from where I was sitting – in the middle of the 5th row – though Fish describes the event on Facebook as troubled by “uninspiring sound” which was also problematic “out front and on stage”. It is difficult for artists to hit their  best when things don’t sound right from their perspective on stage but I don’t feel these issues affected things as much as Fish thinks. His vocals, the piano and guitars came across clearly and everyone certainly seemed to really enjoy the show.

The set list stretched all the way back to about 1982 and included (if my memory still serves) the following:

  • Chocolate Frogs
  • Somebody Special
  • Brother 52
  • Sugar Mice
  • State Of Mind
  • Punch And Judy
  • A Gentleman’s Excuse Me
  • Family Business
  • Torch Song
  • Slainte Mhath
  • Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors
  • Internal Exile
  • Edelweiss
  • Jigsaw
  • Just Good Friends
  • Fugazi
  • The Company

Fish sang the set opener Chocolate Frogs – a segment of Plague Of Ghosts from 1999s tremendous Raingods With Zippos – a capella after which Frank Usher and Foss Paterson joined him on stage. The remainder of the set was performed by all three with the exceptions of A Gentleman’s Excuse Me – piano and voice (during which Frank Usher replaced a broken string) – and Edelweiss which was a solo piano performance by Fish’s long term buddy and production manager, Yatta.

Overall it was a brilliant show and a great evening from which I reckon everyone in the crowd went home happy.

For those who weren’t there, you missed one hell of a show by one hell of a performer. Consider yourselves ashamed.

My original post of this can be read here.

And by the way, I shall be posting a review of A Feast Of Consequences – which I think history will record as Fish’s best album ever – on this site very soon.


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